Park Rules & Policies


Authorized Agent/League Contact

An applicant representing an organization renting a City facility is required to provide a letter from the agency or organization specifically authorizing the individual to conduct business with the City of Tracy to reserve a facility on the organization’s behalf, and signed by the individual listed on the business license, a titled officer, or designated signatory. The Authorized Agent shall be the single point of contact for City staff.



Bases are included in rentals at the Tracy Sports Complex. Bases are available for rentals at Tracy Ball Park and Veterans Park upon request and receipt of Deposit for Baseball/Softball Bases.



The renter agrees to reimburse the City for all costs incurred by damages including, but not limited to, the facility, furnishings, fixtures, field turf, additional cleaning required outside of the normal scope for said facility, which occurred in connection with the permitted activity and caused by renter, sponsoring organizations and/or attendees. Clean up of shells from seeds and nuts on fields or in dugouts shall be charged at the Maintenance Worker hourly rate. Reimbursement for such expenses may be deducted from the security deposit.


Equipment Storage

Items are not permitted to be left or locked to any of the City of Tracy property. The City of Tracy is in no way responsible for storing any items belonging to a renter unless said renter has paid a rental fee for storage space.


Facility Keys

No organization shall be in possession of City keys. Organizations found to be in possession of unreturned keys will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including permit revocation, effective immediately.


Field Lining – Soccer

Access to facilities to line fields must be scheduled in advance with the Community Services Division. See also: Subdivision of Fields.

The following conditions have been agreed upon by current soccer user groups for the lining of soccer fields and shall be enforced unless an alternative has been specifically approved in writing by the Director:

  • Fields must be lined with approved athletic marking paint only.
    • Full-size (11v11) fields shall be marked in WHITE paint
  • Modified fields shall be contained fully within a standard full-size field and shall be marked in BLUE or another color collectively agreed upon by the soccer user groups
  • All paint dispensers and buckets must be removed from the premises
  • Paint shall not be dispensed into the storm drain
  • Do not “over line” other prepared lines
  • Fields cannot be lined before 3:00 pm on weekdays or when other teams are playing on fields.


Field Preparation Requests – Baseball/Softball 

Requests to have City staff line and/or prep baseball/softball fields for games or tournaments must be received by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to the reservation.  Field maintenance personnel are not available unless previously requested.  If field maintenance is requested, ample time must be given between games for servicing of the fields.  Staggering start times for games is required to assure that your maintenance needs are met.  Participants are not allowed on the fields until all prep work is complete and equipment is removed.


Field Maintenance

Field conditions are assessed based on both the short-term (Days/Weeks) and the long term (Months/Seasons) impacts to each field’s playability. City staff will determine if the fields are open or closed. An annual rest and renovation of fields is scheduled at the Tracy Sports Complex and Plasencia Fields, and Legacy Fields to maintain field sustainability. The City attempts to be flexible in accommodating user groups, but ultimately, the health and safety of the user and the conditions and playability takes priority. This may require the closure of fields or facilities, denial of use of a field, and/or making alternate sites available for use. No user groups shall use fields that are closed for renovation or repair.


Foot Protection 

Metal cleats are not allowed during softball, baseball, or soccer play at the Tracy Sports Complex, with the exception of men’s and women’s fast pitch softball. This includes shoes with rounded spikes and detachable football cleats. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, etc. are not allowed on the playing fields.


Food & Beverages

Please limit food and beverages that are brought in from outside at sports facilities. Items that are not permitted include: glass containers (TMC 4.16.180(r)), peanuts in shells, sunflower and other seeds in shells. A concessionaire provides food and beverage service at the Tracy Sports Complex, and no outside food and drink is permitted at that facility unless specifically designated in writing by City staff.



The City of Tracy provides garbage cans and dumpster(s) at most sport field locations. All renters are responsible for cleaning up debris and trash on all fields and common areas following field use. Any trash left behind by the renter will be picked up by City Staff and labor costs will be deducted from the deposit.


Hours of Use

Soccer games may be scheduled Sunday through Saturday from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. Fields may be accessed at 7:00 am for warm-ups, but games cannot begin until 8:00 am.

Softball and baseball games may be scheduled Sunday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm. Fields may be accessed upon completion of field preparations and approval of City staff, but games cannot begin before 9:00 am. Teams and players may not be on the field at any time during field preparations or maintenance.


Notice of Non-Use of Field

Field users must notify the Community Facilities Division to report any reserved time that can be released for general public use or to other groups. Continued non-use of a rented, permitted field may result in revocation of the permit of the allocated field.


Pets & Leashed Animals

Animals must be leashed at all times at City parks and sports fields. Animals may not access fields while games are in play.  Dogs are subject to regulations of TMC 5.08.130. Owners are responsible for picking up after their animals while on/in parks, parkways, trails or other public areas.


Rainouts & Inclement Weather

In the case of active rain, all fields are closed during the time of actual rain; the fields are then reassessed once the rain has ceased. On occasion, on a non-rainy day, staff will determine a field to be closed based on excessive rains during the previous day(s), which have left conditions unsafe for use, even though the rain has stopped.  Fields may be closed due to frost or other conditions that may damage the turf or playing surface. Play may be suspended due to excessive heat. Weather/Field Condition Hotline: (209) 831-6350 (typically updated by 3 pm each day)


Subdivision of Fields

Soccer fields may be subdivided for players ages 12 and under (U12). All requests to subdivide fields must be submitted with the Facility Rental Application, and a diagram of the proposed field subdivision must be included.  Staff will review the request and will come to a decision based on the impact of wear and tear of the fields.

Soccer user groups have collectively agreed on the following guidelines:

  • 9v9 fields must run in the same direction as 11v11 fields
  • 7v7 and smaller fields may run in the opposite direction as 11v11 fields


Subleasing of Fields

When permits are issued, a specific field(s) is reserved for the user, to the exclusion of others. Groups may not assign their scheduled time to other groups. Any such action will result in the loss of rental/allocation privileges. Recognizing this exclusivity, groups should only reserve the fields they intend to use.


Turf Management 

To insure the long-term health of City turf and sports fields, the number of games/hours of use at each facility are limited on a seasonal and weekly basis. Without such limitations, the impact on these facilities can have a negative long-lasting effect on the sports fields. In order to maintain playable fields, fields are limited to no more than 15 hours of field usage per week. In-season field closures may occur if staff determines fields have deteriorated due to wear and tear, or in cases of inclement weather, such as rain or frost. In preparation for large tournaments, fields will be closed and not scheduled for use the entire week prior to the tournament.

It is the responsibility of all field users to protect the turf from excessive wear and tear. Users should rotate locations of training and equipment, including but not limited to: ladders, cones, pitching practice, etc. Additionally, users shall not use fences, bleachers or other amenities as targets for practicing or warming up.




Alcohol Consumption/ Public Intoxication

The consumption of alcohol is not allowed in any City sports park or parking lot. As the renter, it is your responsibility to make sure that no alcohol is present during the time of your rental.  Those who are witnessed consuming alcohol or who appear to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises. The Tracy Police Department may also be notified.


Cooperation with City Staff and Other Field Users

All teams must engage appropriately with staff and with one another, and not interfere with the use of fields by    other user groups.  Refusal to comply with City staff instructions may result in a directive to vacate the field. These actions will be documented in the renter’s file, and may result in disciplinary action. Police enforcement will be called upon should any individuals or groups engage in verbal or physical violence.


Good Neighbor Policy

Please arrive quietly and depart in the same manner to avoid disrupting the neighborhood especially after the late games.

Balls and /or any other equipment thrown, batted, kicked, or otherwise propelled that land on private property are not to be retrieved without permission of property owner. Do not climb walls or enter gates to gain access onto private property.  For assistance, contact the Facility Attendant.


Inappropriate Behavior

Any type of indecent exposure including public urination or any other inappropriate exposure will not be tolerated. Vulgarity of any kind including but not limited to foul or offensive language shall not be used during any time of the duration of the rental. The Tracy Police Department will be contacted immediately should individuals become unruly and further enforcement is needed.


Police Enforcement

If a renter refuses to comply with City Field Rental Policies or follow the request of a City staff member, the Tracy Police Department Dispatch will be notified for assistance. For your own convenience, in the case of an emergency, the Tracy Police Department Dispatch can be reached at

(209) 831-4552.